I must admit, finding art in Ho Chi Minh City is tough, but in recent years there has been an influx of interesting spaces popping up to cater to those interests:

VinSpace art gallery

Vinspace has several locations across the city and hosts an impressive array of both locat and international artist shows, lectures, and even art classes if you’d like to get your hands dirty. Their shows often run for several weeks or months at a time so stopping in to check them out is easy for anyone with a busy schedule.

Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts | 97 Pho Đuc Chinh, Nguyen Thai Binh, Quan 1

The obvious choice but very much worth the visit. One of the largest fine arts centers of Vietnam, the three floor colonial center’s collections include ancient to modern artworks, Cham, Indian, and Khmer relics, and even one of the first wooden elevators of Saigon. The museum also occasionally hosts local and international artist shows.

The Factory Contemporary Art Space | 15 Nguyen U Di Street, D2

New to the city, and coming in at the largest art space in the city, FCAC hosts local and international artist exhibitions as well as lectures, workshops, a co-working space, and even an eatery.

Dong Khoi Art galleries

While there are loads of “art galleries” in District 1, most of them are paint-by-number reproductions and after the second or third shop you start noticing the duplications. If you want to see quality original pieces by local artists, you can find it down Dong Khoi street. More than a dozen hole-in-the-wall galleries sit off the street, running from the the Notre Dame Cathedral to the Thu Thiem ferry. Prices can be high, so expect to negotiate, but it’s a nice option if you’re in the market for a small souvenir.

Apricot Gallery  | 52 Dong Khoi, District 1

Also located on Dong Khoi, Apricot Gallery is one of the best options in the city for very high-quality local art. From inside, the space is impressively large, and consists of three floors filled with art pieces. The display is similar to that of a museum, in that the space is well-lit, the display is not overly crowded or stacked, and the pieces hold big asking prices.

Artinus 3D Art museum |  02-04 Road 9, Him Lam Residence, Tan Hung Thuan Ward, District 7

Most of a place for fun, engaging with the 3D art is really the highlight of your time here. A few hours can easily be spent having fun with the displays. Friendly staff and management. Going during the day will give you the entire place to yourself, so bring a tripod if you’d like to snap shots without an extra hand. 

Adina Weinand is an arts educator. Check her classes at: facebook.com/saigonleatherworkshop.