Future Shorts film festival in HCMC

Future Shorts Vietnam will return to Ho Chi Minh City on 7 and 10 Dec to showcase short films and filmmakers from around the world. For the last 10 years, Future Shorts has built the world’s largest community of short-film fans worldwide.

The screening will begin at the Observatory in District 1 on Saturday 7 Dec at 6.30pm. Afterwards, there will be live music until 10pm. There will also be an encore screening on Tuesday 10 Dec at 7pm at Snap Café in District 2.

This season includes critically acclaimed short films sourced from around the world, including: The Pirate of Love (Iceland 2013) by Sara Gunnarsdottir, an animated feature about the outsider musician Daniel C; The Hidden Smile (Spain 2011) by Venture Durall, which constructs a realistic tale on the values that flourish in a society formed by children; and Irish Folk Furniture (Ireland 2012) by Tony Donoghue, an animated documentary about traditional Irish furniture that won best animated short film at Sundance 2013.

Our local program includes Hao Rock, which is about a young rocker who feels the pressure to live a conventional life, and Grandfather, an experimental documentary about family relationships.

VND 60,000
VND 30,000 students (with ID)
FREE for filmmakers (must bring copy of work)

7 Dec at the Observatory
Corner of Le Lai and Ton That Tung, D1
Doors open at 6.30pm
Film screening starts at 7pm
Live music at 10pm
10 Dec at Snap Cafe
32 Tran Ngoc Dien, D2
Doors open at 7pm
Film screening starts at 7.30pm