Healthy smoothies and juices are the order of the day at this new District 1 establishment. Review and photos by Brett Davis.

Sometimes it can be a little more difficult to eat and drink healthy here in Vietnam than it at first seems. This is often the case with local fruit juice or smoothies, which are usually loaded with extra sugar to suit local tastes.

Guanabana on Ly Tu Trong in District 1 brings more of a California approach with its all-natural range of healthy smoothies. The smoothies are available in three varieties and are priced from between VND 45,000 and VND 65,000. With all the drinks you can also up-size to medium for and extra VND 10,000 and large for an additional VND 20,000.

The ‘ultimate smoothie’ range uses whole fruit, fruit juice and frozen yoghurt. Popular blends include the guanabana mango (VND 50,000) with mango, soursop, mango-passionfruit juice and, of course, frozen yoghurt; while the strawberry swirl (VND 50,000) combines strawberries, bananas, apple juice and frozen yoghurt.

The ‘pure fruit’ range is fairly self explanatory, using just whole fruit and juice. The monsoon mix (VND 45,000) is an interesting choice, with mango, strawberries, pineapple bananas and mango-passionfruit juice.

Where Guanabana gets really creative is in their ‘special blends’. These use fruit, juice and special additives to give your body an extra boost. The acerola immunity smoothie (VDN 60,000) utilises the massive amounts of vitamin C in the acerola cherry to deliver more than 65 times the amount found in oranges.

The slim down smoothie (VND 60,000) is low-calorie and combined with a weight loss blend to increase metabolism and reduce your appetite. For those looking to bulk up and prepare for a workout, however, the protein max (VND 65,000) is a whey protein shake that combines as much protein as three to five eggs but has less than 201 calories and no cholesterol. There is also a range of flavours to choose from including vanilla, chocolate or peanut butter.

And while it does not look that appealing, supergreen (VND 60,000) tastes great and is also great for you with a combination of raw organic greens like wheat grass, alfalfa, spirulina and chlorella combined with strawberries, mango and banana, that helps your body detox and increases energy.

You can also choose to add a health booster to any of the Guanabana range of smoothies, including a collagen blend (VND 25,000), herbal energizer (VND 12,000) or a weight loss blend (VND 18,000).

23 Ly Tu Trong, District 1
Tel: 09 09 82 48 30
Open 8am – 10pm