Everyone has his or her favourite exercises when it comes to working out. However, when 98 percent of people do not achieve the results they want from their efforts in the gym, we need to look at what they are doing. The problem is that most people spend their precious workout time on exercises that are, generally speaking, a waste of time. Here are three of the biggest time wasters:

1. Chronic Cardio: It’s a known fact that long bouts of cardio training at a high intensity (‘chronic cardio’) can be counterproductive to fat loss and health.

The problem is that when most people realise they are unhealthy and need to do something about it they hit the cardio… hard! Exercise is a stress on the body, therefore, you must work in before working out, so that the body is healthy internally and can then cope with the stress of exercise.

Resistance training improves androgen (rejuvenation and repair) levels. Introducing resistance-based training about three times per week into your routine will help reduce the stress factor associated with long aerobic cardio training. If you must do cardio then a better form of this would be to do interval training.

2. Triceps kickback: Although it is one of the most popular exercises for the back of the arms the triceps kickback is a real time waster. The reason being that the triceps are only placed under stress through a small range of the total motion, meaning that they are only contracting in the last 10-15 percent of the movement. Alternatives to create shapely arms are the cable triceps pushdowns or a decline bench French press.

3. Donkey Kicks (or kneeling hip extensions): The donkey kick exercise should be considered an exercise that works core stability, in particular the Transversus Abdominis (TVA). The general mistake is to think that this exercise works the glutes. However, there is no resistance applied, so the glutes will not be overloaded sufficiently to cause significant toning. It’s like trying to tone the biceps by simply bending the arm at the elbow. There are many better and much more functional exercises that will give you a lot more ‘bang for you butt’ such as lunges, one leg squats and weighted glute bridges.

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