H2H bike ride from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City

This April a team of 20 riders will be taking part in the H2H bike ride from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. They will be supported by DHL and Giant Bicycles on the ride from Hanoi to Saigon covering mountains, coast and everything in between.

The riders who hail from the UK, United States, France, Syria, South Africa and Saigon have come to love Vietnam with its beautiful countryside, cultural adventures, and lively cityscapes. Filled with gratitude for their life here the riders, including an important local contingent, are seizing the opportunity to give back to the beautiful children who cannot afford access to the education and basic amenities children everywhere deserve through this sponsored ride.


H2H works closely with its range of charity partners to provide assistance of different types to children all over the country.

SAIGON CHILDREN’S CHARITY is H2Hs principal charity partner. SCC helps disadvantaged children receive an education through building schools, giving scholarships and vocational training.

BLUE DRAGON aims to help children living in extreme poverty and those who are the victims of human trafficking and slavery, reunite them with their families where possible and provide these children with services to help them recover and grow.

KOTO stands for “Know One, Teach One”. This organisation seeks to empower at-risk youths to break out of the cycle of poverty through practical and meaningful training programmes in hospitality.

LIVE AND GIVE is a Belgium-based charity that aims to assist disadvantaged children in Vietnam by building schools and kindergartens.

ILA COMMUNITY NETWORK (ILACN) is the charitable arm of ILA English school. This non-profit organisation coordinates fundraising activities to support disadvantaged children in Vietnam and volunteers provide English language lessons at orphanages. https://www.facebook.com/pg/ILA.CommunityNetwork


Various fundraising events including quizzes, charity dinners and other events are being held through until the end of April. For information on these events and to follow and support the team please join their facebook group: H2H–Ride For Vietnamese Children or checking their website http://h2hride.wixsite.com/vietnam

Direct donations can be made via the Just Giving page by clicking on this link and choosing any of the H2H 2017 riders. Please remember that all costs for the ride are covered by the riders and sponsors so all your donations go directly to the beneficiaries.

H2H 2017 thanks you for all your donations and support in helping them to put smiles on the faces of Vietnamese children.