The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It isn’t just because they are more lucky than the average person, or the family they were born into.

For most of time it is a few habits that they stick to that make sure they do things differently.

Understanding Risk

Understanding risk will mean that you can have a lot of little fingers into a lot of little pies. In other words, you can try different things knowing that not all of them will work.

Understanding and embracing that risk allows failure to just be a stepping stone to finding what really builds your wealth and is not just a road block.

Personal Development

You may have had to make a personal development plan while in work, but do you have one for outside work for yourself?

Do not look at money spent on your own personal growth as a waste or as an expense.

It can start off from buying a book, to relooking at your educational status, to hiring a life coach; self improvement is not seen as anything other than an investment.

Don’t Hang Around with Broke People

I don’t just mean “money broke”, there are quite a few people out there who are morally bankrupt.

Be with people that you want to emulate. We pick up the habits and ideas of people who are in our immediate company.

To put it another way, if you walk into a pub where there are only four skint people there, you will soon become the fifth.

Get Yourself a Ritual

Especially a morning ritual that isn’t pressing the snooze button for the seventh time.

There is no difference between you and what you would class as a morning person other than they have had a morning routine and they stick to it.

Start the day strong and accomplish more by lunch than most people do in a week.

Goal Checking

Just like with a business plan, you need to have clear goals that you can review, follow, and adapt your actions to, in order to make sure that you are hitting your targets.

Knowing exactly where you are with your goals allows you to quickly make changes and roll with the punches.

Keeping to five habits will not make you lucky or rich.  What it will do is make financial success a whole lot easier to achieve.

It will still take a lot of hard work, but without that silver spoon in your mouth, get out of bed, have some breakfast and attack the world with a renewed vigor.

Paul McLardie is a partner at Total Wealth Management. Contact him at