HCMC statue in Ben Thanh roundabout to be moved to D6

Scaffolding now enshrouds the statue of General Tran Nguyen Han in HCMC’s Ben Thanh Market roundabout as the city prepares to move it to District 6’s Phu Lam Park, according to Thanh Nien.

The statue will be relocated before 12 December to make room for the Ben Thanh–Suoi Tien metro line. The statue was built by the South Vietnam army during the Vietnam War and commemorates the general who helped Emperor Le Loi squash three Mongol invasions and who established the Le Dynasty (1428-1788).

“Seeing the scaffolding go up around the statue fills me with regret because the city will lose an iconic image,” said a worker who has cared for the plants in the roundabout for 30 years. “Many people are very regretful about that. But all know it is for the sake of the city’s development.”


Photo: Duong Lap Hung