Crazy rock n roll capers No. XXXXXIIIIVVIVI! Controversy, it seems, stems from the evolution of boredom, where the notion of clarity deliberates form from the debatable pendulum of historical dissension. Was Van Gough pushed or did he jump? Did John Lennon own the first Penny Black stamp, and was Freddie Mercury the instigator of Arnie’s Terminator, where upon he moulded himself into the psyche of the common folks’ appreciation by being rock’n’roll’s true alchemist. I’m not sure. But bearing gifts of disputation in bundles of anarchy were the Sex Pistols, who may have been the first band to publicly swear on TV and get away with it. On his deathbed, Sid Vicious obviously slipped a sly note to Kenny Everett urging him to carry on the mantle of controversy with his Sid Snot character. The note in turn made its way to Malcolm MaClaren, Sid’s manager at the time, yielding the overtone of anger to be billed as an energy and therefore letting the road rise with John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten).

Meanwhile over in the land of Fat White Family; running the hellish business of disentangled post-punk, psycho-disco, unpredictability is clearly a pastime that sits well with the five-piece from Brixton, South London. Welded together via their bass driven world of being self-confessed degenerate morons, the Songs for Our Mothers album dives into lyrics to be only discussed with Satan, extenuated by tunes designed to writhe with uncomfortable enthusiasm. Lead single Whitest Boy On The Beach accomplishes this with unnerving ease. Frontman Lias Saoudi said a couple years ago, “If we’re the scariest band out there at the moment, it’s a truly tame time.” I’m not sure I’d like to be stuck on the bus with them, but there’s plenty to prove their road to hell would be wildly entertaining.

On a lighter note…

Horace Bones a four-piece band from Melbourne who describe themselves as a “psychedelic garage nightmare”, have just released a new track titled Tarantula. It’s an impressively energetic piece with a gritty, punk, rock feel. It’s been a while since these guys released anything (2014), but 2016 is already off to a great start with this brilliant release. After touring throughout January and February, they are now ready to record a whole load of new material. Self-described as “blood drinking, acid hippies”, who, like bad 70s horror movies, named the band after an evil main character (Horace Bones). Loving this single and look forward to hearing more releases from these guys later in the year.

Which leaves us just enough time to mention Violent Soho’s new album Waco (Coloured Vinyl) and Damien Jurado’s Visions of Us On The Land (Secretly Canadian) both to be released on 18 March. Read more on