Bradley Green ponders that bit of pain waiting behind every joyful experience.

Oh, what a week. It started with one of the most pleasant holidays I’ve had in quite a while, and ended with a big old kick in the chops.

That’s the story though, isn’t it? Got to take the rough with the smooth, you win some you lose some, and all the rest.

Well you know, that’s just not good enough. Not one bit.

I don’t want to win first place in the beauty pageant and then face plant a wasps’ nest 10 minutes later, or to be told my other half is pregnant, but pregnant with triplets. Can’t the moments after achievement or good news just be blissful? Ride the wave of contented ripples rushing over me: unlikely.

It doesn’t exactly seem fair, does it? As I mentioned at the start, I had a lovely, entertaining, and relaxing holiday, then only to arrive back in Saigon to find myself homeless! What, how did this happen? I only wanted to treat myself to a wee holiday, and this is how the universe reacts. Maybe I’ll be a little more apprehensive next time. They say bad things come in threes which is usually about right, yet I’m more concerned about the agony after the ecstasy; it catches you off guard in dramatic fashion.

Do we have to subject ourselves to this kind of nonsense? I’m sure half of the bad stuff is out of our control, and only because someone else is holding all the cards. Is it too much to ask for a bit of preemptive respite for the future suffering that serves only to knock us off of our perch. I don’t think so. “Listen pal, the wedding went really smoothly, no family feuds, food poisoning, or bad weather. Now, if the honeymoon can be as pleasant as the wedding, I’ll happily do overtime at work, listen to my sister-in-law, clean out the drains etc. Please, it’s only fair.”

However we all know it doesn’t work that way, besides, what would life be without the lows as well as the highs? (and I’m not writing this with the most positive frame of mind, I’m not out of the woods yet). You wouldn’t be able to distinguish one moment to the next, making life nearly futile, well, in my eyes. Macabre view perhaps, but it seems logical.

So when things go your way in a meteoric fashion, don’t hesitate to celebrate, it’s your right! Run through town waving your arms, screaming at the top of your lungs, ecstatic with joy (there could be a point made that, it kind of feels that you’re asking for the inevitable gloom, although…). As you know, the big, ugly smirking grin of apathy will be eagerly waiting for you around the corner, conjuring mishaps and malice a plenty. Having been around the sun a few times now I can safely say that if did not feel the slightest twinge of trepidation after the high, then I wouldn’t be doing myself justice, or any favours. So immerse yourself in frivolous fun, but be aware of the sneaky party pooper.