Ho Chi Minh City Resident Guidebook

The HCMC Resident Guidebook provides newcomers and longtime residents alike with a comprehensive 432-page guide filled with the best and most pertinent information necessary for an extended stay in HCMC. The book includes sections covering housing, family, leisure, business, shopping, and more, as well as exquisitely detailed maps of the central districts and the first-ever easy-to-read bus route map of HCMC.

Written by a dedicated international and Vietnamese team after extensive research and in collaboration with experts, the Ho Chi Minh City Resident Guidebook provides keen insight into all aspects of life throughout the city. Successfully blending Eastern and Western perceptions, this guidebook provides all of the information necessary to make the most of life in HCMC.

Searching for a school? Wondering where to pay your bills? Looking for higher value housing? Interested in new activities? All of these questions, curiosities, and much more are answered in this handy guide.

“This is encyclopaedic, but spot-on with in-depth knowledge.” – Chairman, Victoria Healthcare

The Resident Guidebook is available for purchase in local bookshops and local stores throughout the city – more retailers available on citypassguide.com.

For more information about the Ho Chi Minh City Resident Guidebook, please visit City Pass Guide – Expat Resident Guide.