Peter Cornish checks out Hum’s third vegetarian restaurant in District 2. Photos by Romain Garrigue.

Hum Vietnam manages a number of food, beverage and natural health product brands, yet the name is most well known for its eateries. Search Google for Ho Chi Minh City’s top vegetarian restaurants and Hum is sure to appear in the top three.

The Hum team believes that food is one of the most essential components of a healthy, happy life, and they pride themselves in the freshness and originality of their food. The chain of restaurants has built a reputation for providing premium quality, innovative vegetarian food, and encouraging a more friendly, positive perspective towards vegetarianism.

With restaurants already in districts three and one, Hum has now opened a third outlet in District 2, creating yet another unique environment in which to enjoy their diverse, healthy and delicious menu. Inspired by the villa is occupies, the new restaurant offers a tranquil oasis of plants and fresh air, with a welcoming feel of the Vietnamese countryside.

Set around a large courtyard with terracotta tiling and a raised central area of wooden decking, the one-storey villa combines colonial design with traditional Vietnamese architecture. Comfortable seating and wooden benches create a rustic feel in a lush, tropical setting, separated from the busy world outside.

The menu is designed to showcase how everyday vegetarianism can be creative, appetising and delicious, and provide all the nutrients needed for a balanced diet. The unique combinations of textures and flavours complement each other, selected for the health-giving benefits of each dish.

Ingredients are sourced daily from local producers, and, staying true to the health-centred principles, all dishes are prepared without MSG by their creative and experienced chefs.

The medicinal herbs of the Polyscias salad, with mixed Polyscias leaves, cottonii alga and parsley (VND100,000) is a delicious example of the health benefits of the restaurant’s dishes. The winged bean salad (VND100,000) is said to “activate the hidden energy in your body and create a fresh feeling for your day”.

Veggies braised in red bean curd (VND100,000) takes fibre and vitamins from Thai eggplant, tomatoes, baby potatoes, and okra, and blends them deliciously with braised spices and a red bean-curd.

The curried tofu braised in winter melon combines the naturally sweet melon rings and stuffs them with silky tofu and tangy curry, and the veggies in quattro spice sauce offers tasty asparagus with zucchini, bell peppers and flavoursome potato and serves them with a special Hum sauce.

Rich and delectable flavours, delightful aromas and the health benefits of Hum’s culinary creations showcase the very best of Vietnam’s vegetarian cuisine in an elegant environment, perfect for a quiet evening meal, a business meeting or an outdoor celebration.

The restaurant is child friendly and welcomes family groups.

Villa 32, Street 10, Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City