I remember back to when it was impossible to find anywhere that was creating an atmosphere suitable for anyone older than 19.

If it’s a matter of taste we are talking about, then air horns, special effects buttons mixed with commercial pop, plus the 30-sec repeat of “put your f*&^king hands up” were the taste of the moment. DJ Tourrets and MC spoon biscuit ruled the rooftops with a minority of tastemakers somewhere along Hai Ba Trung having a go at the uphill struggle to convert the epidemic of Tourrets techno and introduce a Balearic culture that will take another five years before anyone takes notice.

There is no secret formula about how to create an atmosphere, it’s all down to BPM and content. It’s also no secret that a certain noise attracts a certain clientele.

Sadly, despite the installation of some of the most powerful and balanced sound systems in the country, the majority of operators simply cannot grasp the golden opportunity to create the taste when it comes to music policy and direction.

Pioneering tastemaker from the first rooftop club in the county and now operation manager at Envy, Greg Klibaner, has this to say “music trends such as hip hop, trap, top 40 and a blasting sound system is the key to success to be able to attract the young local partygoers to the big club “

Talking to Andreas Arias, owner of Blanchie’s Tash and Balearic beat pioneer in Vietnam, “I tried to replicate a scene that I knew existed in Ibiza, invested a huge amount of time, love and energy, which didn’t always result in a financial gain, but always made a huge cultural gain every time.”

He has been instrumental in pushing the frontier of music mediocracy back as far as possible over the five years the venue has been operating, introducing to the country music from the likes of Pete Tong, Jack Master Flash, Bob Sinclair and Roger Sanchez to name but a few legends.

Then there is the concept of the volume knob. This seems to be again lost in the soundwaves anywhere between too low and too high, or in fact the knob has fallen off with the vibration of the speakers leaving the amplifier permanently set to “blow the f*&%king windows out”.

Surely, when people are leaving the venue because the volume is set so loud they cannot even hear themselves talk, let alone the person next to them, this might indicate it’s time to turn the f*^$king volume down…

Greg Klibaner from Envy has the final word on the matter,” nevertheless, things are changing and quality sounds are now being requested by guests as locals are travelling more and do understand quality that other clubs provide outside Vietnam. 

Shri Restaurant and Lounge manager Richie Fawcett is an artist who sits on Asia’s 50 best bars voting panel.