The Inkhearts

The Inkhearts Making (sound) waves around is a young band called the Inkhearts, out of Skelmersdale, West Lancashire, UK. Making (sound) waves around is a young band called the Inkhearts, out of Skelmersdale, West Lancashire, UK.

If my instinct is correct (and it’s never wrong, can you believe it?), Ryan Ward (guitar), Lauren Shaw (vocals/guitar), Ben Warburton (bass) and Matt Wright (drums) are going to put Skelmersdale on the musical map.

The band, named after popular children’s fantasy series The Inkheart Triology by German author Cornelia Funke, has gone through numerous line-ups and singers, but the current line-up with singer, guitarist and lyricist Shaw has gelled, and those who’ve heard the tune are thinking they’ve maybe got a hit on their hands with ‘Keeping Up’.

Mark my words, this could go viral, as Gotye’s ‘Somebody I Used to Know’ did a couple of years ago. Like Gotye’s tune, ‘Keeping Up’ is an infectious three-chord wonder, its lyrics imbued with, er, meaning. Although what precisely that is I can only guess.

Be that as it may, I’m willing to bet that should you listen to the tune once you’ll listen again and again, just as I did.

Their beginnings were not particularly auspicious: individual members showed up for a music program at the Engine Rooms, a Skelmersdale teen hotspot, and were flung together by the managers as a showcase band. Performing live, they honed their chops and developed a fan base around Liverpool.

Then Edge Hill University’s record label, The Label Recordings, offered free studio time and helped make the ‘Keeping Up’ music video, which was released on 18 March, although I hasten to add the single release wasn’t till 7 April. This video was shot entirely by Edge Hill University students from the Department of Media. The video’s director, Clare Heney, is obviously precocious and deserves future attention.

The Label also got the Inkhearts slotted into the Liverpool Sound City Festival. No question, the buzz about this band just keeps getting better.

‘Keeping Up’ was recorded in the same studio used by Black Sabbath, Atomic Kitten and the Stereophonics, so the vibes were good; and now, with and other stations’ support, the Inkhearts’ simple yet innovative sound is spreading around the world.