International Artist,  singer, presenter and model Dona Amelia talks to AsiaLIFE about how she came to Vietnam and what’s keeping her here.

When did you relocate to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam?
I moved to HCMC on July 1, 2015.

What made you move to Vietnam when you already had a successful career as TV presenter, actress and singer in Indonesia?
I always wanted to chase my dream to become an international artist. While I have been successful in Indonesia most of my works has been in Bahasa Indonesia language and now I want to grow my international career by focusing on singing in English language. I also hope to pick up some international TV/movie assignment although singing is my passion and focus at the moment.

What made you famous in Indonesia?
Although I started to sing while in High School and was very active in my young years my breakthrough came when I participated and won Indonesia’s SCTV’s reality show Charlie’s Angels in 2010. After that I became the lead singer of the famous band Stinky and we toured all over Indonesia.

You are also knows for being a leading TV presenter?
I Love being in front of the camera and am proud to have been the host of famous TV programs such as Golf Channel and Barley’s Premiere League but my biggest success came from Health Talk and Infotainment shows (such as Silet on RCTI channel).

Why do you want to leave a successful TV and actress career behind? 
It is tiring to be both acting and singing at the same time. I will now focus on my true passion which is singing.

What do you like in Vietnam? 
I am sure that you are aware about how large city Jakarta is. I used to spend up to half my days stuck in traffic traveling from one TV station to another. In HCMC I can get anywhere I want within 20 min. I also think Ho Chi Minh City is cute and a friendly city. I just arrived here recently but have already made many friends and identified many opportunities. Some of my highlights have been to sing at Chill Sky Bar and Cargo Event Space as well as several corporate events.

Who is your favorite singer?
Not an easy answer, there are so many talented singers these days but I certainly get inspired by singers such as Shakira, Beyonce, Rihanna and many others but nowadays I am into the EDM scene and follow DJ’s such as Armin Van Buuren, Dash Berlin and Hardwell.

What are your plans for the future?
I have recently produced and recorded two songs with Timmy Vegas, who is most famously known for his Soul Central house version of STRINGS OF LIFE which hit top 10 in the Uk. I am also currently recording songs with Matt Caseli who was the house DJ of the nr 1 club in the world, Pacha Ibiza. Matt and I will tour Asia from November onwards.

What are you targeting with your new songs?
There is no secret that I have a dream to be signed by a major international music label. I have in the past been signed by Pelangi Records in Indonesia. I believe that whatever goals we set for ourselves are achievable if we just work hard enough to achieve it. But more important than this, I hope to entertain people all over the world with my music that will always be happy and entertaining!

How do you define your ultimate success?
Reaching Nr. 1 on the US charts. I will make it!

What is your secret behind your look and voice?
It’s simple, I exercise almost every day and I avoid carbs as much as I can. Just now I finished a 6km run.

How can we find out more about you and follow your successful future? 
See my new international website: