International School Ho Chi Minh City Unveils Renovated Collaboration Centers

International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) has unveiled extensive plans and insights for the new ISHCMC School Campuses. As the secondary students transition to the new Secondary Campus, there are also plans in place to refurbish the existing campus to extend its offering for the primary students.

View the new Grade 4 and 5 Learning Areas here.

The new 2016/17 academic year welcomed an insight into what the ISHCMC community can expect from these developments. In line with ISHCMC’s vision to redefine the educational experience these classrooms look forward in developing skills that are relevant and essential for the 21st century work place. The interlinked classrooms, with moveable glass walls allow a flow of learning between spaces, visible sharing of thinking, connectivity and collaboration both in and outside the classroom. The spaces empower students to take responsibility for their own learning by allowing them to work independently from their teachers in spaces that they can adapt to their learning styles.

These purpose-built modern and innovative learning environments paired with trained IB educators specialized in inquiry teaching ensure that students are equipped for their future at university, workplace and life.