While contemplating this month’s column, I was thinking frequently missed imbibe opportunities. Sure, you have your aperitifs before meals, cocktails, wine, cheeky snifters of cognac, chunky crystal glasses with scotch on the rocks, but there seemed to be something missing. Then I remembered instead of having a coffee, how about a coffee with a little extra. There are all kinds, and of course, feel free to make up your own. Basically it’s like this. Some coffee (Vietnamese, American, Espresso, to each his own), a shot or two of liqueur or spirit (or an inspired combination of the two) and sometimes, (depending on the desired effect), a bit of sweetened or whipped cream. This is what I call dessert, digestif AND after dinner coffee rolled into one boozy, sophisticated package.

Irish Coffee
There are many basics, yet the most well-known is the Irish Coffee. It’s said to have been invented by a certain Joe Sheridan, at the airport in Shannon, Ireland, in an effort to warm up a group of frosty passengers.   He threw together some hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and sweetened cream, which seems to have set them right, because this sexy coffee became a regular part of life in the terminal before being brought back to San Francisco, California and becoming famous.

Hot or Cold
While Irish coffee is traditionally served hot, it (as well as its similarly inspired brethren) can also be done iced. You can then either build your sexy coffee on the rocks, or served straight up. I prefer to start with cooled coffee, shaken in a cocktail shaker with cubes of ice and the booze, and topping with some cream or whipped cream. You can then either build your sexy coffee on the rocks, or served up straight.  If you’re feeling adventerous, you can even whip it up in a blender.

Sexy Café Sua Da

1 big glass of strong, chilled Vietnamese Coffee
40 ml dark or spiced rum
20 ml Kahlua Coffee Liqueur
20 ml cream or fresh whole milk

Copiously shake with generous ice in a cocktail shaker and serve up in a chilled glass. If the drink is too sexy for you, add a splash of sugar syrup. If you want to get fancy, shake the cream separately and float it on top of the coffee/booze mixture. It will ooze down like a chilled, auburn lava lamp.


Michael Kloster spent a lifetime drinking, pouring and brewing to research this column.  He has been involved in the hospitality industry for the better part of two decades, nearly half of that time in our very own Ho Chi Minh City. Feel free to invite him out for a few:luckydogvn@gmail.com