ISHCMC Educators and Titans of Technology Empower Every Student to Take on Computer Science

The last 18 months at International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) has seen the Titans of Technology grow from a small group of students to a growing Community, Activity and Service (CAS) Group. CAS is an essential element of the International Baccalaureate that all students at ISHCMC complete. CAS empowers our students to experience first-hand the difference they can make in someone else’s life. Many are student-led, including the Titans of Tech group which covers three areas; design, film and coding. These are three  of the most popular and important elements in technology and the jobs of today and tomorrow.

Teachers and students at ISHCMC are breaking down barriers to Computer Science and are making it more accessible and digestible than ever to all students (ages 2-18).  As a result, the School has witnessed that Computer Science in and outside of the classrooms has become a lot less overwhelming and more accessible. Students are engaged with exploring this digital world and through empowerment, the popularity and achievements of this CAS group has been extraordinary. Some students even now refer to coding as the software language of the world.

“As educators, one of our roles is to equip our students with skills needed to succeed in university, career and life. At ISHCMC every student has the opportunity to code as Computer Science deservedly becomes more recognized as a key element to a true 21st century education. We know from comprehensive research that Computer Science is making a transition to education and is now becoming much more evident in schools all around the world. Through experiencing this, every day our students are becoming more equipped for their future learning, they are thinking critically, problem-solving, able to anticipate challenges and seek solutions and are not frightened to make mistakes. At our new Secondary Campus, we will be expanding this offering even further in extensive purpose built facilities such as makerspaces, film studios and Vietnam’s first Innovation Center,” says Adrian Watts – Head of School at ISHCMC.