Jake’s BBQ now brings you his famous homemade sauces, available to take home.

Jake’s BBQ sauce:  our flagship sauce that has been used for over 40 years! Created in the north, this a perfect blend of sweet and tangy that goes great on just about anything!

Spicy BBQ:  brings the heat! This is your classic St. Louis spicy Bbq sauce.  A prefect blend of chili and cumin gives this sauce a wonderful balance to compliment any bbq!

Spicy Georgia Mustard:  this award winning sauce combines just the right amount of heat and tang any mustard fan can appreciate.  In some southern states mustard sauces are king …. this one is right up there.  Great for marinades too!!

North Carolina Dip Sauce:  a true classic for Carolina Bbq.  This vinegar based sauce is a staple in the Carolinas, giving the perfect balance of pepper and spice.  Putting this sauce on bbq pork could change your life!

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