Gaining entry to a top university in Korea is as competitive, or perhaps even more so, as anywhere in the world. Students face intense pressure, attend extra ‘cram school’ classes and long hours of study.

This is particularly true for the three most prestigious universities known as the ‘SKY’ group: Seoul National University, Korea University and Yonsei University.

At European International School, Korean graduates have been performing exceedingly well in gaining entry to these exclusive institutions, far outperforming domestic students in their home country.

In the last three years, 14 Korean students have graduated from EIS with International Baccalaureate Diplomas, with three receiving offers from ‘SKY’ universities, representing 21% of all Korean graduates. This is significantly higher than the success rate for students applying from within South Korea, where it is estimated that less than two percent of applicants gain entry.

Bae Woo Jin, Class of 2019. Currently at Korea University.

One such success story from the Class of 2019 is Bae Woo Jin who was accepted to Korea University. In a recent message to one of his EIS teachers, Bae Woo wrote that being accepted to such a prestigious university had made him and his parents very proud, and he gave much of the credit to his time at EIS.

“I think the reason I could have this great result is all because of you and other teachers’ and faculties’ effort,” he said. “Your effort to make me a better person and to provide me the best atmosphere to solely focus on my studies led to this.”

Bok Gi Kang, Class of 2018. Currently at Korea University.

The achievement follows the similar success stories from EIS Class of 2018 students.

The achievement follows the similar success stories from EIS Class of 2018 students. Bok Gi Kang was accepted to Korea University in the first round, meaning that he was granted admission solely on his European International School Ho Chi Minh City transcript and predicted scores given by EIS teachers without having International Baccalaureate Diploma Final scores. Adding to Bok Gi’s achievement was that he also received an offer from Yonsei University.

These acceptances will certainly open up doors for future Korean applicants with regard to how EIS is viewed in the admissions offices of the top three universities in Korea.

Won Jae Choi, Class of 2018. Currently at National University Singapore.

Won Jae Choi, Class of 2018. Currently at National University Singapore.

Another student, Won Jae Choi was selected for the second stage of admission in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Seoul National University before finally deciding to continue his journey at National University Singapore.

Making the second round was still significant for Won Jae and EIS as his first pass was different from other Korean students’ acceptance. There are two main types of Korean admission systems that students can apply through, one is a special admission for overseas Koreans and the other is regular admission for domestic students. Won Jae applied for domestic admission and qualified for the second stage by competing with the top one percent of domestic students.

Overall, the last three years have been a stunning success for EIS’s Korean students, and it has firmly established the school’s reputation as a provider of a world-class international education.

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