Peter Cornish heads to Phu My Hung to learn about another quality team brewing great beer, LAC Brewing. Photos by Vinh Dao.

Peter Cornish heads to Phu My Hung to learn about another quality team brewing great beer, LAC BrewingLAC Brewing Co.’s taproom is in the centre of Phu My Hung, just a few minutes’ walk from Saigon South International School. Located on the first floor of a building overlooking the Rach Dia tributary, the bar is as much a creative design experience as a place to sip a refreshing beer as the sun sets over the river below.

Away from the hustle and bustle of Thao Dien and the centre of town, LAC opened the doors to their tap room in November last year, as a place to showcase their beers and as Phu My Hung’s first craft beer outlet. Despite not having street level frontage, the bar is proving increasingly popular with local residents and attracting visitors from other parts of the city, keen to drink LAC’s beer in the brewery’s own taproom.

The bar’s ambience is as inviting as the beer. A well-executed interior combines swathes of polished wood and gleaming metal, blending elements of Japanese and Scandinavian minimalist design and creating a chilled, relaxed vibe that’s welcoming to all. With the volume of music kept well under control, this is a place to enjoy conversation with friends over a beer, something that’s lacking in many bars around town.

Friendly, attentive staff have a broad knowledge of the brews on tap and can guide the novice beer drinker confidently as they make their choice. With four of LAC’s best sellers always available, there is also an opportunity to try some of their newer beers as they experiment and perfect recipes. With new beers on tap every couple of months, this is the perfect place for beer enthusiasts to try out the latest products, provide feedback and help create better brews for the community.

The bar attracts a growing group of regulars, more diverse than the bunch of guys looking for a place to hang out and drink beer often found in other Phu My Hung bars. The approachable staff and choice of quality beer is proving popular with Asian expats in the area, and brews such as LAC’s mango IPA is a big hit with the ladies.

Normally on tap are the Devil’s Lake and Summer Session IPA’s, as well as the Cashew Cream Ale and Lava Red, a popular café sua stout. Currently being served is the Lost At Sea Double IPA, named in honour of the fishermen of Phan Thiet who battle the seas with the aid of rice rine, doing what needs to be done to support their families.

The outside patio provides a wonderful location to sit and relax, free from traffic noise and with a cool breeze coming up from the river opposite. Although there is a selection of bar snacks on offer, the focus here is very much on enjoying good beer, rather than as a place to come and eat.

This article is written in memory of LAC Brewer, Michael McMahon, who sadly passed away in mid-July.

Michael was admired in the community, and well respected for the beers he produced.

He will be sadly missed by many.

169/7 Nguyen Duc Canh, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: 088 641 00 08
Monday to Wednesday 3 to 11pm, Thursday to Saturday 3pm to 12am, Sunday 1 to 9pm