Peter Cornish gets in touch with his sports-loving inner Peter Pan at Lost Boys Sports Bar & Grill. Photos by Angeli Castillo.

There’s quite a buzz surrounding Lost Boys so we thought we’d check it out.

We arrived shortly after sunset, drove up a small hem and entered into a hidden courtyard, the sort of magical place with lush trees and hanging lights where small children might fall out of their prams when the nurse is not looking. (That’s a Neverland reference in case you’re concerned about child safety.)

The partially covered courtyard is centered around a Koi fish pond where a fountain plays gently in the middle. Comfortable seating for groups and couples are spread over split levels, sheltered by tree canopies and hanging vines with the surrounding walls covered in murals of lush foliage. The bar has a sliding roof that shelters the courtyard when it rains. The back “den” houses two of the city’s best pool tables.

As you enter through an arched doorway, a wood fire pizza oven smokes away in a corner, with a long bar running the length of one wall. Between the two drops down possibly the largest screen in the city, reminding us this is a sports bar, despite the romantic setting. It’s a place to bring a date to enjoy the game with you, with a magical ambience, upscale bar food menu and some ‘kila’ cocktails.

The carnivores amongst us got stuck into Crocodile Cajun Gumbo (VND95,000) from the Bayou of Nawlins Louisiana, an authentic, rich spicy gumbo made with Cajun seasonings, sausage, chicken, okra and some other vegetable served on a bed of white rice. It’s certainly flavourful, hearty and a little spicy. This was served with a Curly cocktail (VND145,000) of tequila blanco, spicy tamarind jam, coldbrew coffee, creme de cassis and calamansi. A delicious combination.

Next up came the jambalaya (VND220,000) which, if you’ve never had it before, is another Creole speciality with traditional seasonings, sausage, shrimp and a rich tomato based sauce served on a bed of rice. Accompanied with a Cecco cocktail of vodka, blended tomatoes, herbs and spice and a squeeze of lime, both of these are worth a try. The cocktails are all named after the Lost Boys.

Kila’s Killer Pizza (VND240,000) was served with a TeTe white (VND90,000) and smothered in homemade Italian sausage, real pepperoni, Jalapeno peppers and fresh baked garlic and mozzarella cheese. This is Wayne’s idea of a perfect pizza and it disappeared from the plate pretty sharpish.

There was just about room for the Lost Boys Pirate Bay Signature Burger (VND160,000), a beef and pork patty charcoal grilled on an outdoor BBQ with Jamaican seasoning and infused with Jamaican rum. Served on a fresh bun with Jamaican mayonnaise and all sorts of other stuff, this burger has a Caribbean vibe that’s as unique as it sounds.

Lost Boys has two happy hours daily, from 3pm to 6pm and 10pm till midnight, with 50% off most drinks and 25% off the higher end stuff.

Food specials are run daily. Don’t be put off by what looks like an out of the way location, it’s easy to get to and well worth the effort.   

145 Le Van Luong, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City
Open 15:00 – midnight