Bradley Green considers the fallout from love and other catastrophes.

Battling with our emotions is one of the trickier parts of life. The most obvious, and one of the most painful, is heart break (well, sadness). This one took a while to side swipe me from my pedestal, but when it did, pow! The emotion hit me like a great wave, and when the wave had subsided I was left choking on the seaweed of despair. At one stage or another we’ve all been left sobbing into the 10 boxes of kleenex under the bed, which of course were only there for the tears *cough*. Yet we are resilient creatures, (albeit nonsensically soft ones) so the majority of the time we will bounce back and get back on that horse named love, only to invariably be kicked off again, laying face down with a mouthful of dirt. On second glance this seems a bit bitter. Well it’s not, I condone love. Grudgingly.

Moving on, fear is an affliction that no matter how big or small affects us daily. Although this stems from our ancestors thousands of years ago protecting ourselves from anything larger and more frightening, I think that these days it’s pumped into us from every angle, into every nook and cranny of our being. Of course media is the greatest fear monger. Ebola, foot and mouth, mad cow disease, bird flu, the rapist next door, out of date peanuts, small pox, the sun imploding etc, etc. Now with half a brain we can ignore this, but what we can’t ignore are things like lacking confidence, which of course is a product of fear. This is a regular occurrence for me which is odd because on the outside I appear very comfortable in my skin. I get nervous that my mate’s cousin might not like me, or the cute girl I just passed in the street might think my outfit is crap, or that if I don’t reply to that email within the next five minutes the stock market will collapse and we’ll all start killing each other again. Then I realise none of it really matters, and I’m not that important, and also as Charles Bukowski once said, “The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.” Just saying.

The broad spectrum of emotions is too big a subject to really delve into in several hundred words. Not only do we have the main offenders, then there are also the sub-categories which are mixtures of those. However, I still find it worthwhile to have a small look into them, as after all they are what make us, us. Whether that be a confident recluse, or a deeply angry giggling psychopath, or just your run of the mill human who has no idea how he or she will feel on any given day/hour/moment, with very little clue as how to control it. Oh well, at least we have happiness. Now let’s all hold hands and dance a merry jig. Smile.