If you’re a creative trying to market yourself while living overseas, one of the hardest parts about doing so is finding ways to network or sell your work without your immediate home base of where you grew up or have the most connections. Thanks to the rise of, quite literally, almost anything being online, technology is your biggest tool in doing so!

Create a Linkedin profile

Linkedin is a great tool for marketing yourself online because of it’s access to networks all over the world and the opportunity to expose your CV and work to people working in your field. If you don’t already have a portfolio, this is a great time to start getting imagery together of your work.

Brand yourself

This can be something as simple as your name or, take it a step further and create a name for your products. Things like logos, font choices, and colors can all play a crucial role in how someone browsing the web views your work. If you feel that your design skills aren’t up to par to best represent your work, there are a lot of resources online like skillshare.com to help you learn. Or if you’re pressed for time to learn yourself, hiring a designer is always an option!

Build a portfolio website

For any creative, have a portfolio is most definitely a must. This should include past and present work that is finalized and will help you get more work or make connections in a similar field. It’s also a great idea to update your portfolio every few months so it always has a fresh look to web passer-bys. If coding isn’t your forte, you can always hire a web guru to help build one for you. Or, there are many resources online like squarespace.com, wix.com, or wordpress.com, to help you build your own website – and they are quick, easy, and affordable!

Once you find a template website that works for you, you can take it a step further to buy and plug in a domain name. (or you can choose a domain name through your template site, however, it will have the site extension included.) For this, there are many options. I have always used GoDaddy.com when picking domain names and have always like the services they provide.

Start a store

If you’re an artist or designer that would like to make a little extra money on the side – there are great options for selling your work online, a few being bigcartel.com, etsy.com or shopify.com. I’ve found Shopify to be a great option for larger-scale operations, while Big Cartel and Etsy are great for small-scale shops. You can even link your store to your portfolio website to allow smooth marketing to your viewers. 

Adina Weinand is an arts educator. Check her classes at: facebook.com/saigonleatherworkshop.