New photography tips website by Justin Mott

Justin Mott, the star photographer in History Channel’s Photo Face-Off — a reality TV show airing throughout Asia this summer — has launched a social media campaign and photography tips website to improve the skills of aspiring photographers worldwide. 

New photography tips website by Justin Mott#AskMOTT, which encourages budding photography fans of all ages to engage in educational conversations with him online, means anyone, anywhere, has constant access to their own professional photography mentor.

“I want to teach everything I’ve learned from ten years of professional photography to everyone who wants to know,” said Justin, who has judged more than 10 Canon Photo Marathons in Asia and shoots for the New York Times, Forbes, TIME and National Geographic Traveler, among others.

“There’s no tip or secret I won’t say,” added Mott. “Anyone can post their images or questions online at any time, and as long as they post publicly with the AskMott hashtag, I’ll find them and offer my professional advice and tips to make them better photographers.”

By posting with the “#AskMOTT” hashtag, amateur shooters can get professional advice, insights and photography secrets in an instant, for free.

For video tutorials, live feeds of Justin on real assignments, and in-depth blogs, amateur photographers can visit Mott’s newly launched website. Here, content ranges from “How to take killer Instagram pics” and the #ShowMeYourBestShot weekly photo competition, where the Vietnam-based pro rewards the week’s best amateur photographs with prizes.

About Justin Mott
Justin Mott is an American photographer and TV personality based in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Since 2007, he has been working as a contributing photographer for the New York Times for which he shot more than 100 assignments. He won many awards from TPOTY (Travel Photographer of the Year), NPPA (National Press Photographers Association), PDN (Photo District News), CPOY (College Photographer of the Year) and Missouri School of Journalism.

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