I was lucky to see Ngaiire perform in January 2014 at the Rabbit and Cocoon in Miami, Gold Coast. It was an intimate crowd and from the minute she took to the stage I was mesmerised by her breathtaking voice and incredible costumes.

Ngaiires soulful vocals and energetic delivery were a standout. Playing songs for her debut album Lamentations she revealed to the audience about an eclectic life in Papua New Guinea.

Since then she has played at Glastonbury, supporting Alicia Keys and John Legend.

I am very excited that she is back on the radar with a new single “ Once “ taken from her forthcoming second album Blastoma.

Co-written with Megan Washington and Paul Mac she has described the song as, “completely surrendering to a moment and being ok with it”. It’s a chilled out tune with a vibe created by her soaring voice. Listen to it a few times and you will be hooked.

Watch out for Ngaiire’s new album due to be released early next year. It’s taken her two years to put it together and I am positive that once again she will prove to us that she is a unique, eclectic, talented singer and songwriter.

One album worth having a listen to this month, just released in September, is the debut self titled album by Oh Wonder! The South East London electro pop duo consisting of Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West who have written, produced and mixed the 15 tracks on this new album.

The pair managed to release a song per month for a year, starting with the release of

“Body Gold” on Soundcloud in September 2014. As a result of slowly releasing songs, the duo received a lot of attention (2 million plays on Soundcloud) and sold out tours before the LPs arrival.

It’s easy to see why. The LP is chilled, electronic ballads with prominent piano and distinct crisp male and female vocals. The first track “Live Wire” is a standout track, along with “Technicolour Beat”, “Drive” and “Loose it”.

The meaningful lyrics, and the inclusion of subtle sounds from guitar, violin and percussion is what makes this album unique. Definitely one to have a listen to.