New Year resolutions are upon us. To be successful in body transformation you must want that change. Here are some tips to having a successful New Year of health…

Be Positive: most people when becoming healthier say they have to “sacrifice”. In my opinion the only sacrifice people make when improving health and vitality is to get rid of all the ‘crap’ in their life. Don’t focus on the thing you can’t have instead look to all the new and interesting food you’ll be trying. The best way to do this is be positive… when taking action to improve health there are no sacrifices only advantages.

Lifestyle & Nutrition:
Sleep: The fact that we work longer, play harder, stay up later and are surrounded by electrical magnetic fields means we often get less rest and quality sleep than we need. If you want to lose belly fat especially you need good quality sleep.

Reduce Chemical Load:
How our food is grown, our lifestyle habits and the environment we live in have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing.

There is a high cost of vehicle emissions, electromagnet fields (mobile phones, computers, satellite navigation, etc), chemical “enhancement” of food crops and farming techniques.

Side effects of these technological advancements are showing up in our bodies and making us sick. You must detox regularly, increase antioxidant intake and improve liver function.

Stop Eating & Drinking Empty Calories:
A lot of people think that it’s calories that we thrive on. This is not true! Our bodies immune system and cell function depend on vitamins and minerals not on calories! Energy is important but without fibre, vitamins and minerals you’ll most probably be a sick, lethargic and have food cravings. The majority of your diet should be packed with nutrient dense foods.

The key elements of a physical activity programme, to achieve a toned body, should include the following:

a. Simply Move: walk everyday, play a sport, swim, jog… plain and simple move your ass. You don’t have to kill yourself – just move everyday

b. For Resistance Training: Train with a high volume: perform a high number of reps and work for the “pump”. 

Use whole body multi-joint exercises: 1 leg squats, lunge jumps, step ups, chin ups, push ups, inverted rows, wall shoulder press/stands, full sit ups – body weight exercise is perfect

Use very short rest periods: this will require more maximal effort and produce more Human Growth Hormone and lactic acid – the belly fat burning hormones.

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