Fedor Pigletov is bringing high-quality Eastern European fare and awesome cheese and sausages to Vietnam. This is fantastic news for all cheese lovers, and it always helps to have the option to support a small business owner. Pigletov’s homemade cheese is made from cow’s milk from and he delivers your order from his home in Nha Trang into Ho Chi Minh City.

This is a soft cheese, creamy with the right amount of salt and acid made with love from the freshest ingredients on the coast of this great nation.

Homemade Cheeses:
Classic Cheese – VND90,000/150g
Cheese with Dill & Garlic – VND90,000/150g
Cheese with Cumin – VND90,000/150g
Cheese with Cajun Spices – VND90,000/150g
Cheese with Basil – VND90,000/150g
Cheese with Sage and Mustard – VND90,000/150g

East-European Food in HCMC:
Frozen and half-cooked.
All prices for 500g package.

Pork – VND95.000/500g
Chicken – VND95.000/500g
Fish – VND130.000/500g
Lamb – VND190.000/500g
Beef – VND170.000/500g

Potato & Onion – VND80.000/500g
Cottage Cheese – VND170.000/500g
Pumpkin – VND80.000/500g
Nha Trang Homemade Cheeses now also offers their own homemade fresh sausages.
They’re always made in-house starting with real meat, salt, spices and are finally stuffed in non-synthetic pork casings:

Homemade Sausages:
Chicken sausage – VND220.000/kg
Pork – VND230.000/kg
Pork “Italian Fennel” – VND250.000/kg
Pork “Parsley and garlic” – VND260.000/kg
Pork “Chorizo” – VND290.000/kg

Preservation period:
3 days/fridge
90 days/freezer

Delivery fee:
Districts 1,2,3,4,7, Binh Thanh is free for orders over VND200.000
Others districts free for over VND300.000

0126 986 5774