Nivona launches into Vietnam: Italian Coffee Specialities at a push of a button at home and in your office

Nivona launches into VietnamOver the past couple of years the coffee landscape in Vietnam has seen a very dynamic development of Italian coffee specialities – many new coffee shops and chains – local and international have launched. Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, and Espresso Doppio are known and liked not only by the young consumers.

Just last month, Nivona from Germany has launched into Vietnam to offer customer – homes and offices – a new, attractive alternative to traditional coffee machines. Nivona offers fully automated machines that can unlock the taste of full beans, ground beans, provide hot milk and hot water for teas and other instant drinks.

Customer now can enjoy a perfect milk froth with no more than a light touch. White, foamy and luxuriant – the way milk froth should be – can now be prepared with the exceptionally convenient one-touch cappuccino function. Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato are already pre-programmed and can be adjusted to the liking of the customer.  Nivona’s “Spumante” technology guarantees a delicious milk froth.  And not only that – the Nivona rinse programme ensures the milk frother to be easily cleaned.

A great coffee taste experience is ensured by Nivona’s Aromatica System dynamic brewing chambers that are designed to deliver perfect coffee-drinking pleasure by ensuring less bitterness gets into the coffee.

Other clear benefits of Nivona are the ease of use and programming of different coffee recipes, the removable brewing unit to avoid any formation of mould and high quality as those coffee machines are being manufactured in Switzerland.

Nivona offers 3 different models (Nivona 605, 767, 831) that ranges from 850 USD to 1749 USD and can be tested with a truly Italian Coffee Brand “Hausbrandt Trieste 1892”  in:

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49 Thao Dien
District 2
Tel: 08 – 3602 6365
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