Everybody enjoys a good party. A new, one stop shop for all your party-throwing needs has opened its doors in D1, and Elijah Ferrian dresses up to get the stress down. Photo by Vinh Dao.

I like to go into things with no expectations, not only are experiences more fun that way, but they tend to be more rewarding. When I walked into Charlie Page and My An Hoang’s new store on Tran Hung Dao, Party Inc., I was greeted warmly by the staff members immediately. I had no idea what exactly we were going to do, so I wandered around the shop checking out the wares.

As soon as you enter this store, it’s bright, colourful, and attempting to summon something from deep within. Fun. Silliness. A relaxing theme of ‘get over yourself and goof off’. The first level sports everything from special occasion cards, homemade paper Vietnamese goods, party plasticware, cups and plates, whistles, candles, and everything you could imagine with a certain lovable kitten printed on it. The second level hosts a formidable selection of balloons and costumes.

Charlie arrives and tries to figure out what to do with the front display they have set up, nearing one of the busiest occasions for a party supplies store, Halloween.

“Vampires really say ‘Halloween’. Pirates kind of say ‘party’.” Page chuckles and shows me around the store.

“Party Inc. was established by friends who enjoy hosting parties and want to make party organizing easy and fun for everyone,” Page tells me while we eye costumes upstairs. “We source supplies not easily accessible in Vietnam to help create magical parties for children, elegant celebrations for special occasions, and cheerful office or home gatherings.”

I picked out my seashell bra, long black wavy wig, Cowboy hat, and a cool attitude. Charlie flip flops between Jesus and Obi Wan Kenobi. He chooses wisely.

“We’ve been open a year and a half, but we moved to this new location, and it’s our biggest store yet.” Page says. “It’s not just your typical party stuff, either. We have some fun things for ladies to wear that would be fit for a ball.”

Charlie and his partner My An believe in ‘one-stop shopping’ to reduce the stress of traveling all over town looking for disposable tableware, bargaining on prices with different vendors, having to design and print your own banners, or not being able to find that something special for your party. After many years of experiencing these difficulties, desperately dashing around Saigon for individual items, they decided to make available to fellow party hosts the latest themed tableware, decorations, games and costumes.

I was specifically impressed by the enthusiasm the staff showed in helping folks have a good time in their store. There were a handful of customers milling about while we checked out the shop, and they were all cheerfully assisted individually by an employee. It’s almost as if each employee actually wants you to have a mini party while shopping for your party…

Their inventory is always growing, and Charlie guarantees that if they don’t carry what you need, they are more than willing to take some input and add whatever it is you’d like to their list of orders so that you can grab it for your next party.

You can browse through their website, or come into the store yourself. They just make planning and purchasing goods for your great party idea simple, and actually fun. They’re a bright group of people with a good, healthy energy that really sets things off in the right direction as soon as you step into the shop.

Next time I’m feeling the stress of daily life in Saigon, I may just pop in to Party Inc. and escape reality with a ridiculous costume. I know that they’ll understand.

Party Inc. is open Tuesday – Saturday 9am to 8pm, and Sunday and Monday 10am to 6pm, 385 Tran Hung Dao Street, District 1, HCMC . Check out their website at: partyinc.co