Bradley Green talks about overdoing things. How fickle an enamoured perception of something can be, and how swiftly we can grow to hate what we love.

Do you remember as a kid when you used to watch, and rewatch, and then watch again your favourite film? I remember doing this several times. After school I’d run home and put on whatever it was that I was obsessively watching that particular month. There was the  original animated Transformers, Lion King, and even the god-awful late 90s Godzilla film. Needless to say, I wore them out pretty quickly. Slung in a box under the bed never to be seen again.

That’s right, I’m talking about overkill. That thing we do when we like something so much we end up almost despising it, or at the minimum grow tiresome of. I mentioned my old habit of watching things to death, now I don’t do that anymore but am certainly still an a overkill aficionado. Only, as an adult, I should be wiser to it, and know how to stop myself before I ruin things. It seems that I haven’t figured that out yet.

As I write this I’m sitting in one of my regularly visited cafes which I haven’t yet gotten tired of, and I hope I don’t as I’m friends with the owners. It would be a bit tricky telling them “It’s not your cafe, it’s me. I’m sorry I must leave now. Please, just let me go.” Well, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. That would be awkward, and a bit odd.

Of course, one can grow weary of just about anything one can think of. I get bored of my own face, so I have to take a few days off of grooming so as not to look in the mirror. Extreme, but necessary. I once had a period where I couldn’t stand a certain soup which in the past I adored, consuming it to the point of revulsion. You’ll be pleased to know that the soup and I are now once again on slurping terms, but sadly, not as we were before.

How about those old couples that have been going to the same sterile resort in Tenerife for the past 20 years? It may have the best Elvis impersonator in the Mediterranean, but you know even the resort next door might have some cracking entertainment. Let alone say.. a different country!

It’s not all silly small things though. I had a pal who I hung out with too much, and eventually we grew a bit tired of one another. We didn’t fall out, but we most certainly stopped hanging out like we had been. It was all a bit sad really. However, not as sad as what I believe to be one of the bigger outcomes of the ‘overkill’ style – divorce. That’s right. Although a rather crude way of looking at marriage, and having not been wed myself, I could most definitely get sick and tired of the old ball and chain. Probably the wee kids too. It would seem many people feel the same, judging by the amount of divorces that occur throughout the world. I can’t necessarily see it as bad thing, either.

A line I fondly remember from a Bukowski novel goes: “that’s what kills a man, lack of change.” I suspect it is true, because variety is the spice of life. Without variety, life becomes boredom, and with boredom comes death. Well, at least the death of inspiration. A good thing is a good thing, but try and keep it in small doses, as you wouldn’t want to despise something delightful.