Police investigate possible hunting of sea turtles

Police are now investigating whether there is a hunting ring behind 4.4 tonnes of dead sea turtles recently discovered in Nha Trang.

The sea turtles, an endangered and protected species in Vietnam, were discovered in the warehouse and factory of a souvenir producer. The producer – who believed it was illegal to trade live sea turtles, not dead sea turtles – bought dead turtles from inside and outside Nha Trang for VND 200,000-300,000 each and turned them into handicraft products that were sold to tourists for VND 800,000, reports TuoiTre. However, thousands of them were stored in the warehouse at one time, which alerted experts and police to consider the possibility of a hunting ring.

Turtles in Vietnam have generally met unfortunate fates this year, including the time when VTV broadcasted a MasterChef Vietnam contestant beheading a live turtle while preparing a dish, ultimately sparking outrage among viewers.