Precious Heritage – an exhibition of photographs from the furthest reaches of Vietnam by Rehahn.

Precious Heritage exhibition at VInGalleryIn this debut exhibition for Rehahn, we are showing 35 limited edition images of the people of Vietnam’s ethnic minorities, their traditional dress, culture and their infectious smiles. His work is published in his book – ‘Vietnam-a Mosaic of Contrasts’, National Geographic Magazine and he has been voted #4 of top ten portrait photographers in the world.

Rehahn, who is based in Hoi An, is an engaging and charismatic man who has a way of bringing out the humour and the soulfulness of his subjects. The old lady laughing so much she cannot smoke her pipe, the sadness and strength in a little girl’s eyes and the joy of young lovers who are now 83 and 91 years old are all captured in the lens of this passionate photographer.

This exhibition is the first of a world tour. After Saigon, the exhibition will go to France, Toronto, San Francisco, London and five other locations before return to Vietnam.

The centre piece of this exhibition at Vin Gallery in D2, will be a 150 x 120cm photograph on Kodak Endura paper. This paper has an unique metallic gloss appearance with stunning visual impact and depth. As you move in front of the photo, the pearly iridescence makes it appears almost 3-D. This work is one of an edition of only 3. The other two will go to Toronto and San Francisco.

DATE: 2.03.2015 – 21.03.2015
LOCATION: Vin Gallery, 6 Lê Văn Miến, Thảo Điền, District 2