Radio City live at Hard Rock Cafe Saigon

Starting November 16, 2013 Hard Rock Café will feature new UK band “Radio City” to kick off a new level of entertainment in Ho Chi Minh City.

“Radio City” is a high energy, young and dynamic party band, which was put together with the sole purpose of rocking people around the world.  The British five-member band includes band leader Chris Tait (keyboards / guitar / vocals), Elle Douglas (Lead Vocals), Alex Heath (Bass Guitar), Jamie Watkins (Guitar / Vocals) and Ben Sturdy (Drums).

Lead Chris Tait, said: “We Rock all genres, from Pop to R&B, 60s to modern ‘top 40’ pop and funk to blues and reggae. We love to see the dance floor packed, so anything with a groove that people can dance to is a top priority on our set list. We are proud and excited to start jamming at Hard Rock Café Ho Chi Minh City in the coming months. We played around the world and expect Hard Rock Café in Vietnam to become our favorite place. We hear people like to have fun and we look forward to fill up the dance floor.”

“Radio City” will rock the house from Tuesday to Sunday weekly starting 9pm at Hard Rock Café HCMC. The band is a big part of Hard Rock Café’s initiative to kick off a brand new entertainment program and continue to be the leading entertaining bar and restaurant in Vietnam. Hard Rock Café HCMC has recently changed to a new “Right Portion, Right Price” menu featuring a brand new food and beverage selection.