Fine French cuisine and a great setting make this restaurant a winner. By Michael Tatarski. Photos by Alex McMillan.

The latest addition to the Le Bouchon portfolio, La Brasserie de Saigon is how I imagine most restaurants in France look. Huge mirrors adorn the walls, soft lighting creates an intimate atmosphere, and large windows provide views of the busy Dong Du-Hai Ba Trung intersection.

White tablecloths and dark wood furniture contribute to an air of elegance, and a winding staircase leads to a second floor fitted with plush booths and Parisian-style lamp posts. There is also a fresh seafood cart positioned next to the front door, allowing customers to see exactly what they will be getting.

La Brasserie’s menu features a wide range of traditional French dishes, with an emphasis on seafood, all of which is fresh from Nha Trang. Appetisers range from VND 130,000 to VND 200,000, a la carte seafood from around VND 350,000, and meat and fowl dishes, including pigeon, duck, and steak, run from VND 250,000 to VND 900,000. There are also two set lunches offered every day, with two courses for VND 335,000 and three courses for VND 445,000. For an extra VND 200,000, free-flow sparkling wine is provided.

We start with the degustation (VND 650,000), one of three pre-set seafood platters, which includes oysters, clams, shrimp, a crab, and sea snails, all on ice. It also came with several dips. All of the seafood was incredibly fresh, with the oysters and shrimp standing out thanks to their completely natural taste.

Next was the bouillabaisse (VND 290,000) with sea bream, garlic toast and saffron sauce. The rich, dark sauce was packed with flavour, and after spreading butter on the toast we dropped it into the soup, adding some crunchy texture. The tender fish was excellent, and this dish ended up being my favourite part of an overall outstanding meal.

We also tried the sole fillet with Greek vegetable blend (VND 300,000). Again, the fish was fresh as could be and tasted clean and natural. Though we were already full the manager insisted we try the crepe suzette (VND 170,000), which is flambéed with orange liquor right at the table. After a fiery preparation the crepe was served under a scoop of vanilla ice cream. With a distinct burnt orange taste, this provided a sweet ending to the meal.

Le Brasserie de Saigon
38 Dong Du, D1
 08 62 91 3657
11.30am-2.30pm and 6pm-10pm, seven days 


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