Rising tides threaten to erode a third of Hoi An

Rising tides from the rainy season are threatening to erode a third of the central tourist town of Hoi An, according to Voice of Vietnam.

Over the last month, a 300-metre section of househods and hoteliers along Hoi An’s Cua Dai beach has been ravaged by waves that uprooted coconut trees and electricity poles. Tides have gradually swallowed the three-kilometre stretch, and some sections have even eroded 40 metres into the shore. Hoi An’s local People’s Committee extracted VND 10 billion to rebuild and rescue the beach, but strong waves and winds have hindered the effort.

The head of the Hoi An Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Nguyen Van Hien, said the government needs to control the flow of the Thu Bon River on one end of town and dredge Cua Dai Bay on the other, as its shallow entrance retains flood waters longer.