Tucked away down a tiny hem in Thao Dien, River Cottage provides a perfect staycation opportunity for anyone based in Ho Chi Minh City who wants to forget about city life for a weekend. Photos by Vinh Dao

We all need to get away sometimes. With demanding schedules, the constant heat and bustle of this fair city we call home, and daily stresses that afflict each and every one of us – sometimes we need to pull ourselves out of the chaos and into some serenity.

Luckily there are places like River Cottage to help us do exactly that.

“We try to be a tranquil, relaxing place where you can get away from the city and enjoy yourself,” says Eric Dieker, general manager. “We’re not trying to be five stars. We give personal service and we go above and beyond for people in any way that we can.”

That’s the stuff dreams are made of. Nestled on a hem on the river’s edge in Thao Dien, we don’t know that we have witnessed a more tranquil, “staycation” ripe setting than River Cottage. It’s not only well designed, but it feels homey even if you’re not from Southeast Asia.

The attention to detail that has gone into each room and common area shows from the moment you step foot onto the property. It’s perfectly small.

The vibe of the place is like a second home that your good friend gave you the keys to. Guests can make it as technologically up-to-date as they’d like. If you want to just kick your feet up, turn off your phone, read a good book over a pot of tea, and take a relaxing outdoor shower in your cozy room – you can easily do that.

If you’d like to be plugged in and continue working, or catch the football game – you can do that too.

River Cottage

“We have eight rooms here,” Dieker explains. “Free breakfast. [Each room has a] safe, air conditioner, and a refrigerator. We have high-speed internet, television with channels in English, and a full bar. We try to do all the hits cocktail-wise. We’re expanding into craft beer as well. East West is who we have now. We have their IPA and the Summer Hefeweizen. We’ll be expanding into more of their product line in the future, and our wine list is ten or so deep.”

Dan Salter, of Snap Cafe and Thai Street, really put his creativity on display here.

[Salter] got this property, and it was so unique that he wanted to make something out of it for others,” Dieker says.

“He bought antique furniture and other items, and made custom furniture himself. He has his own construction experience and business.”

This is perhaps the most important feature of this property, from our perspective. Each room is so well done. Vintage desks and Southeast Asian design principles carve each room into its own genuine story.

The colour choices are spot-on. Each bathroom pops with a vibrancy and attention to detail that leaves guests with an initial impression of “this place is special”.

While this is a tremendous staycation getaway, folks that haven’t been to Vietnam would get an outstanding introduction to Saigon here and at a more relaxed pace than if they were smack dab in District 1.

Currently River Cottage provides food from Snap Cafe, and they also do private parties and business functions. They have outstanding customer service that helps to develop proposals for those interested in setting something up. Just give them a call or an email.

River Cottage does not allow children under 12-years-old.

Reservations: Hotel : +84 8 37443555 // Management : +84 0902864385