Embark on the artsy gastronomic voyage of “Saigon Chefs Week” hosted by Social Club Saigon this October with 10 culinary masters from all over the world.

5 days – 10 talented Chefs – 7 Michelin Stars – 5 best restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City!

With this first edition of “Saigon Chefs Week” from 9 – 13 October 2018, Social Club Saigon wants to celebrate the Epicureans while honoring Saigon’s booming dining scene. The internationally renowned Chefs will share their passion to deliver an unique culinary experience.

The one week program is a culinary journey inclusive of cooking classes alternatively hosted by the chefs themselves at their own distinctive kitchens, exquisite dinners across 5 best restaurants in town, and one weekend Epic Evening Brunch above Saigon.

The gastronomic journey starts at Jardin des Sens restaurant with 8 course dinner by 3 Star Michelin Chef Jacques Pourcel and Chef Richard Toix. The next destination is Le Corto restaurant with Chef Sakal Phoeung. Then comes the “Wood Fire” Dinner at Quince by Chef Jean-Baptiste Natali and Chef Julien Perraudin. On Friday night, let’s join the seafood feast at L’Escale restaurant hosted by 2 star Michelin Chef Thierry Drapeau. The final destination will be at the Social Club restaurant with the extravagant Epic Evening Brunch hosted by Hôtel des Arts Saigon Executive Chef Egidio Latorraca and the Bocused’Or Vietnam Chef Daniel Nguyen together with all 10 talented Chefs who have joined the Saigon Chefs Week.

Art is always one of the key values of each and every events held by Hỏtel des Arts Saigon, the Epic Evening Brunch is no exception. The Art Exhibition as well as amazing artistic performance of the French Artist Christopher Lecoutre will light up the event night. Christopher is a French contemporary artist who travels the world to share his talent. He often displays his incredible pieces of art in luxury hotels, temples of design, art galleries, etc.


  1. Daniel Nguyễn – Bocused’Or Vietnam 2018
    2. Julien Perraudin – Executive Chef at Quince
    3. Richard Toix – 1 Star Michelin Chef
    4. Paul Smart – Executive Chef at Metropole Hanoi
    5. Thierry Drapeau – 2 Star Michelin Chef
    6. Jacques Pourcel – 3 Star Michelin Chef
    7. Alain Caron – Master Chef
    8. Egidio Latorraca – Executive Chef at Hôtel des Arts Saigon
    9. Sakal Phoeung – Maitre Cuisinier de France
    10. Jean-Baptise Natali – 1 Star Michelin Chef


Tuesday, 9/10/2018

* Cooking class with Chef Jean-Baptiste Natali at Quince at 10am.

* Mediterranean course Dinner by Chef Alain Caron, Chef Jacques Pourcel and Chef Richard Toix at Jardin des Sens at 7pm.

Wednesday, 10/10/2018

* Cooking class with Chef Thierry Drapeau at L’Escale at 9am.

* One Night in Lyon 5 course Dinner by Chef Jacques Pourcel and Chef Sakal Phoeung at Le Corto at 6:30pm.

Thursday, 11/10/2018

* Cooking class with Chef Alain Caron at Jardin des Sens at 10am.

* Wood Fire Dinner by Chef Jean-Baptiste Natali and Chef Julien Perraudin at Quince at 7pm.

Friday, 12/10/2018

* Cooking class with Chef Jacques Pourcel at Le Corto at 2pm.

* Dinner around the Sea by Chef Egidio Latorraca and Chef Thierry Drapeau at L’Escale from 7pm.

Saturday, 13/10/2018

Epic Evening Brunch at Social Club Saigon, 23rd floor at 7pm hosted by Executive Chef Egidio Latorraca and Bocused’Or Vietnam Chef Daniel Nguyen lined up with 10 culinary masters who have joined the Saigon Chefs Week.


Social Club: h9231-gm3@accor.com / (028) 3988 8888

Jardin des Sens: info@jdspourcel.com / (028) 3930 3394

Quince: eat@quincesaigon.com / (028) 3821 8661

Le Corto: event@lecorto.com.vn/ (028) 3822 0671

L’Escale: manager@restaurant-thierrydrapeau.asia / (028) 3636 0160