Saigon Outcast Farmers Market 

Sunday the 27th March 2016 will see the Saigon Outcast Farmers Market return to our beautiful venue at Saigon Outcast, tucked away in the expat area of Thao Dien, D2.

We believe that Farmers Markets are events that help to bring communities together; families, friends and traders are congregated in an easy to access,convenient and magical space. The market enables everyone to enjoy, not only the delicious, freshly cooked dishes, such as BBQed meats and mouth watering baked goods but also each others company in a relaxed and vibrant area of the City.

Saigon Outcast’s Farmers Market focuses on wholesome, nutritious and organic produce crafted by hard working and passionate people.

Nutrition and health is embraced at Saigon Outcasts Farmers Market and our selection of the best traders reflects this; smoothies and juices are available alongside organic local honey and ethically sourced coffee.

You can catch the scent of natural cosmetics and oils wafting around our garden, mixed with the occasional aroma of incense and yummy fresh coconuts. It definitely counteracts the smell of motorbike petrol and pollution, a sanctuary within the city.

Friends can vibe out and relax on our balcony and beanbags whilst the li’l uns can run wild with our friendly Outcast pups.

It’s  a lovely way to spend your laziest Sundays without feeling guilty for overindulging- it’s all good!

You’ll go home with a full stomach and  a happy heart.

The Farmers market opens at 10am and finishes at 7pm, so you have all day to wander over.

Our traders confirmed so far include; Harvest Bakery, Exception Macaron, Teapins, K’Ho Coffee and Pasteur St Brewery.