Saigon Outcast To Host Huge Water Festival

Saigon Outcast To Host Huge Water Festival

In celebration of the Thai Water Festival Songkran on April 16th 2016, Saigon Outcast will be hosting the biggest Songkran festival in Ho Chi Minh City. Continuing on from the success of the 2015 incarnation of the water festival, the team at Saigon Outcast plans to hold the 2016 edition on 16th of April in a surprise location in the heart of the City. The space will accommodate up to 5000 soaking, happy people.

The amazing turnout and interest of the 2015 event, which grew to almost 10,000 people, was certainly the surprise hit of the year as Saigon Outcast in Thao Dien, D2 was limited to a one in one out policy of 1000 water warriors.

Outcast’s enthusiastic event planning team has been rolling out amazing events at Saigon Outcast regularly, and April’s water festival will be one of the biggest to date. Bringing together some of the best food and beverage vendors in the city, as well as a ready to purchase armoury where attendees can buy coloured powder, water balloons, and water pistols.

Not only will the holiday vibes be coming from the enormous crowd and dedicated service of HCMC’s top vendors. Saigon Outcast will also have the top local DJ’s and international DJ’s to keep this party upbeat. If dancing is not your strong suit, put on your wetsuit and take a jump in the bouncy castle, slip n’ slide, and get water in your face.

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