Saigon Social Space is an amazing 15,000 square metre event space located at Pendular Garden in the Thanh My Loi Ward of District 2.

It opened its doors to the public in August with a huge, invite only, party two days before the official opening. This really is something special. It offers a unique environment in which companies can hold events or members of the general public can relax, eat great food and enjoy the unique ambience. There are three pools, one large, a smaller family style one and a kiddies’ paddling pool.

Also on site is a large lake with a fountain in the middle and ‘Sala’ style dining booths around the edges. The lake houses some of the largest freshwater fish in the world; Arapaima are from the Amazon River basin of South America and can grow to 8 feet in length weigh 330 pounds.

The food is exceptional with one of the finest kitchens in the city, staffed by 15 chefs. The further 15 service staff deliver beautifully prepared and presented dishes to enthusiastic diners. Saigon Social Space dry-cures their own meat, serving the finest ribeye imaginable; real melt in the mouth stuff.

This huge operation ticks over efficiently under the watchful eye of Kiwi, General Manager Blair Mathieson, an award-winning chef with more than 20 years’ experience.  Blair has trained and worked in New Zealand, Australia, England, India, the Caribbean, Thailand and Singapore. In Bangkok he took over as Head Chef at Quince Eatery & Bar, elevating it into the Bangkok Post’s Top Ten restaurants in 2014. In 2015 Blair and Quince were voted in the top ten by the Bangkok Top Table Guide. Blair’s style is a global approach to cooking, with influences, flavours and techniques coming from the Mediterranean, Europe, the Middle east and Asia.

In the al fresco dining area they have a huge wood-fired pizza oven and a truly spectacular barbecue, where huge steaks sizzle. There is a circular drinks bar by the pool offering a superb collection of fine wines, cocktails and spirits, plus craft beers and lagers.

Indoors, in the upstairs M.I.C.E. facility, there is seating for 80 people with room for an additional 70 on the terrace. The Pendular Room, as it is called, has full conference facilities including overhead projector and an excellent sounds system.

The location is somewhat hidden away, but this could be its secret weapon. A short taxi ride from the Central Business District through the tunnel, and from District 7 over the Phu Mi Bridge. It is even shorter hop from Thao Dien in D2, meaning that it is the perfect escape from the city, without having to leave the city. It is a mere 2.5 kilometres from the Australian International School on Mai Chi Tho. Its gardens are superb and the sheer size of the venue means that it really does present as the complete escape resort.

Blair Mathieson is a genial host and has trained his staff to high levels of service. This is a truly exceptional setup and deserves to do well. It opens from early mornings so anyone can go to enjoy the pool and have breakfast. It really is aimed at everyone from singles, groups and families to stressed business people looking to unwind. It is as an event space that it really comes into its own. Saigon Social Space is offering something totally unique in the city. As a business conference and getaway space it is unrivalled.