Richard Mark Dobson, owner and operator of the portrait studio Saigoncrazee, wants us all to know that Vietnamese quirkiness is way off the  quirkiness scale. “That’s why we love it!” he says. “It’s all in the details. The plastic stools, bowls of pho, dried squid, and yes aren’t those  ‘bikes of burden’ just.. unbelievable?!”

Saigoncrazee is a family portrait studio with the emphasis on providing customers with unique and fun portraiture. Their portraits will make you giggle and cherish the memories of your time here. They have a crazy variety of props that appeal to teenagers and adults, boys and girls, mums and dads. Saigoncrazee provides expats, travellers, and locals alike with an  opportunity to come along to their comfortable studio in Thao Dien, District 2, as individuals, or with a group of friends, classmates or office pals, and have some fun. It does not matter if you are here for a two week holiday, on a 12 month contract as a happy expat, or a seasoned ‘old Viet hand’, we all have to go home sometime. And if you don’t, well then all the better for you.

Here we feature some of the work Dobson is creating in his studio. Check out their studio, and let their talented photo team create a professional photo for you to proudly share with all of your friends back home. A funky way to hold on to the memories you create in your stay in this great country.

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