This evolution of former District 7 haunt, Scott & Binh’s, into Scott and Jeremy’s, promises to be a favourite, with interesting Western and Asian fusion food. By Lorcan Lovett. Photos by Vinh Dao.

Naming a restaurant (or a product for that matter) eponymously must give the owner an added layer of pressure to deliver high quality.

It seems to have worked in the case of Scott and Jeremy’s, which opened its doors in January to offer a wide choice of Western and Asian fusion food.

The name will ring a bell with former patrons of Scott & Binh’s in Phu My Hung. Its co-owner, American chef of 20 years, Scott Marquis, 49, served its last celebrated burger in 2015 to make more time for his family who are based in District 1.

Now he’s found the perfect compromise with the new location, sitting opposite his other family-run D1 restaurant La Fiesta. His friend, Singaporean chef Jeremy Cheok, 30, is using his own knowledge of the science behind food to take the venue in a more experimental direction.

The pair met at one of Hanoi’s foodies’ clubs six years ago, and on that day Marquis invented the curry ketchup that comes with the chunky wedges in the restaurant today.

Marquis’ wife Duc helped greatly to convert the property into an understated picture of simplicity. Photographs of nourishing food and lighting from metal pipes stand above the wooden booths. Upstairs, there are six more tables along with a terrace for smokers.

Scott and Jeremy’s

The team wants to eventually open a deli focusing solely on Western comfort food while using this restaurant to get experimental and create some interesting fusion.

They are dipping their toes in already: the Rendang Nachos (VND 150,000) are actually puffy fried wonton skins underneath chunks of beef cheek, a rich cheese sauce, mayonnaise, julienne onions and a welcoming zing of freshness in the form of pomegranate seeds.

It’s an original dish that we massively enjoyed in the dining room’s comfortable environment, soothed by the mellow music accompanying each offering of their “twisted comfort food” – the flavours that most expats will miss, but with something that little bit extra.

333 (VND 333,000) is a deliciously hearty option that includes 333g of NZ rib eye steak with a 333 beer butter sauce, fried shallots, sautéed vegetables and an irresistible dollop of garlic mashed potato.

Scott and Jeremy’sIt’s one of the few meals that use imported meat. Their chicken and beef is sourced in Vietnam not only because Marquis has confidence in the products, but also as it drives down the prices.

For a lighter choice, there’s Smokin’ Sushi Salad (VND 150,000) which weighs in on the protein with smoked salmon, basa, and boiled eggs, mixed with daikon coleslaw, seaweed, hints of ginger and wasabi peas for a crunchy texture.

A soon-to-be favourite, the Royale with Cheese (VND 175,000), is almost guaranteed to satisfy, with its two juicy 125g of beef patties, bacon, cheese, and garnish. It comes with those chunky wedges and curry ketchup.

Other highlights include the Herb Pesto Seafood (VND 185,000) which comes with a generous amount of basa fish, shrimps, and thick slices of squid, topped with goat’s cheese.

Continuing with Scott & Jeremy’s theme of simplicity, all desserts are VND 99,000 (while all coffees are VND 30,000). We had the Snickers’ Tart with a chocolate ganache and caramel sauce that gave the treat a mesmerising glaze.

To finish the feast, I sipped on a bourbon Manhattan that was stiffer than the table. All regular cocktails are VND 100,000 and every day the happy hour runs from 4pm to 7pm. It includes buy-one-get-one-free on beer and spirits plus an extra special deal depending on the day.

The menu is consistently good value for money considering the quality that comes with it, so it shouldn’t be long before Scott and Jeremy’s becomes a new type of familiar again.

40 Dang Thi Nhu, District 1
Tel: 09 4890 1465
FB: Scott & Jeremy’s
Open: 4pm – 10pm