Every proper home should have a proper bar – however small, even if you don’t drink, you should always have something on hand to offer for your guests.

First things first, I will guide you where you are going to put your bar. Then how to arrange it. Then I’ll explain your must-have essentials, including glassware, mixers, garnishes, and cocktail bar tools.

So let’s start.

Where are you going to put the bar ?

THE BAR CART – Let’s face it, if you have room for a bar cart at home then you should definitely have one! Unquestionably one of the hottest pieces of home furniture ever designed, the bar cart provides an approachable dedicated space for making a drink.

Keep lesser used items in a cupboard, so it doesn’t look messy. On the top layer should be a cutting board, knife, spoon, bottle opener, spirit bottles, garnishes and ice bucket with ice tongs. Below can be kept the glassware.

THE CONSOLE TABLE – Transform the little used sideboard into the bar you’ve always wanted. Add the tray described at the beginning of this piece to the top. If you have more room then add another for bitters, and mixers, again storing the essential bar tools in a decorative container easily at hand. The glassware can go in cupboards below.

THE BOOKCASE – Bookcases are great for setting up a home bar with pigeon hole bookcases being the ultimate. You can use the waist level shelves for the drink making, using the other pigeon holes for each category, one for bar tools, one for glassware, one for spirits and even one for cocktail books!

THE BUILT IN DRY BAR – This is the most common set up for the home bar (meaning they don’t have a sink) with go-to bottles easily accessible with specifically built shelves and cabinet to store glassware and bar tools. Usually all that needs to be added here is fresh ice and it good to go. A wet bar has the luxury of a sink, also, if very well designed then a built in ice well with drain would be the Rolls Royce of home bars.

ESSENTIAL GLASSWARE – I’ve really cut it down to the four pillars of basic glassware here. With just these four glass styles you can cover most of the drinks you will ever make.

Old Fashioned – short tumbler-style glass, used for neat spirits on ice.

Highball – longer style glass, used for refreshing, longer cocktails.

Martini Coup / Champagne coups – dual purpose.

Wine Glasses.