Short-term memory is a drag. Bradley Green reminds us that accepting who we inherently are helps us to find peace.

Another day gone and another something or other vanished from my mind without a trace. Keeping track of day to day appointments and errands is beyond me, it’s just not something my brain allows me to put in order, or in any kind of list. Perhaps years of killing brain cells is a cause of such short term memory loss, or as I like to think, it’s just nature’s way of telling me to chill out.

Just this morning I was checking various bits of paper scrawled with unintelligible notes, crumpled precariously on varying objects I was supposed to pack. You see, as I write this I’m sitting on a train hurtling past long dense areas of rubber trees, small man-made ponds, and mountains (hills?). All the while I’m still wondering if I’d forgotten anything on my short trip down the coast. Yet, it doesn’t really matter now. I’m long out of Saigon, and have contented myself with the fact I’m powerless to do anything about misplaced items now, so may as well enjoy this frosty 9am beer. Lets hope I can pay for it. I’m sure my wallet is in my bag, isn’t it?

I don’t mind being this way, I think I can function relatively normally without the need to stick endless post-it notes to my fridge, desk, and parts of my body. I think I’m (we’re) asked to remember far too much. Telephone numbers, bank account numbers, peoples birthdays, people’s names, work schedules, who the current flavour of the month is. It’s all just unnaturally excessive. Gone are the days when all that had to be remembered was to build shelter, hunt for food, and procreate. I can’t picture a neanderthal messing around with his file-a-fax trying to remember whose party to attend, or trying to remember to pick up little Johnny from basketball practice. It’s just not normal.

A lady who shall remain nameless, is forever on my case about forgetting this and that. I’m sorry, I just can’t operate on that level. Can’t you see it’s a disability? There’s no need to mock me (a weird fetish of hers I think). Although having a poor memory has had certain implications for sure. For example, I lost a job a little while ago because i didn’t turn up, I wasn’t sick or on a bender, I just merely forgot. The explanation didn’t fly too well.

My flaws have become more glaringly obvious with every passing year, with less aptitude or care to hide them any longer. Yet, I don’t think being hung out to dry because you forget to send a Christmas card to dear Auntie Susan is fair either. Certain people are built for certain things. This is why there are secretaries and HR departments. We can’t all be expected to do everything. I bet if you ponder your particular group of friends, there’s the thinker, the doer, the organiser, and the worrier (obviously a few curve balls thrown in there for good measure too), and that’s why we need one another, to fill in the flawed gaps in our own being. Whether we like it or not, we certainly need one another to get along in life.