Looking for something new to do after work or in the evening? If you live in HCMC, you can now experience 2 huge global trends at one venue: the Pop-Up Bar phenomenon, and TIKI, only at Shri.

Pop-up Bars have been a huge hit in cities like New York and London, because they’re new, unexpected, and deliver a different experience. Pop-up Bar fans look for unexpected concepts, interesting space transformations, and new ways to enjoy the evening… knowing that the opportunity is limited to a very short duration before the Pop-up bar vanishes once again and the space returns to its former self.

TIKI has been a global hit since the 1930s, when pioneers at the art of having a good night out Trader Vic and Don the Beachcomber 1st started the trend. Martini glasses are great, but Trader Vic wondered if people might like instead to drink from a warrior mask… Chic settings will never go out of style, but if you’ve been having the same old experience, why not go to a bamboo beach bar with totem poles and exotic flowers for a change? Do you like cocktails? Go with friends and try one of the famous Tiki sharing cocktails..

Shri’s new Pop Up bar ShriTiki will deliver all this andmore:
• A real Pop-°©‐Up Bar experience: the Shri rootop lounge will transform for a short time (expected4‐week run only) into a rootop beach TIKI bar, with surfboards, TIKI masks, totem poles, and surprises not yet revealed
• Authentic TIKI cocktails: delicious, fun, colorful, made from authentic TIKI ingredients and served in authentic TIKI glassware. Highly recommended: the Headhunter, served in a TIKI totem pole.. As Shri’s world-renowned mixologist in residence Richie Fawcett suggests, “Get a Head!”
• Cocktails with a story: try the Shipwrecked Sailor, served on a castaway raft…
• Sharing cocktails: try the Black Pearl, where a group of 4 can sip a tropical drink direct from a gigantic Pirate Ship!
• French DJ Konka will deliver the beats every night, with surprise guest DJs visiting during the 4-week run

Welcome drinks will be served for the 1st week: have you ever tried a Frozen Ball of Passion?

Whether you want to try a real Pop-Up Bar, explore the world of TIKI, have a great drink, share photos of yourself drinking from a Pirate Ship.. or just have a great time after work, head over to ShriTiki!

Only open for 4 weeks! Don’t miss it!