Shutta UI/UX Overhaul: Clean, Clear and Concise

shutta-new-logo-2Shutta, the rapidly growing photo-from-video app, has just undergone a major re-build, making it even more user friendly and offering a fully overhauled, clean, new design to its one million strong worldwide group of users and followers. Using some of the best designers in the business, whose past work is currently used by, Goldman Sachs and even the FBI, Shutta has been experimenting with an innovative new navigation system and, on first looks, it works very well indeed.

Shutta burst on to the scene last year and took the world of photography and video by storm. Enabling the user to instantly capture any image from any video stored on their phone, it means that users can record a video, capture an iconic moment, and save it forever without any loss of resolution. Initially designed just for iPhones, it moved into the Android world earlier this year, with much success.

Already popular because of its easy functionality, the new app takes things to a new level, without losing its ease of use. Ditching traditional menu-based navigation altogether, the app now has a joystick which appears in the form of a diamond at the bottom of your phone. Ever present, but not overly obtrusive, it enables the user to shift effortless between the different aspects of their Shutta experience: User profile, where users’ own Shutta moments are published for other users to see; Shutta missions, where they can take part in photo contests to win great prizes; Activity, following all the cool stuff that Shutta’s one million users are posting; and, of course, that all important Capture mode, where all the action is made to happen.

Shutta’s famous operational wheel has been upgraded and is now a two-speed device, which enables the user to fast forward and rewind, but also to skip through frame by frame searching for that money shot. The outer ring on the wheel allows users to quickly navigate through longer videos, while the inner wheel allows them to select the exact frame to extract with great precision.

Beyond the innovative joystick navigation and two-speed scrolling wheel, the new app places much greater emphasis on the Shutta Missions, the popular photo contests, and now also features a new search function for those all-important hashtags. This new feature will make searching for trending topics, far easier. Those clever people at Shutta have made excellent improvements to their already super user-friendly app.

To find out more about Shutta visit their website here.

Or contact them direct at:
5/2 Duong So 8, An Phu, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: +84 12 0873 6949