Smugglers throw tigers off truck during police chase

 A pair of anesthetized Indochinese tigers were pushed off the back of a moving truck during a police chase last Friday in Nghe An province. Authorities attempted to stop the truck for a routine inspection on National Highway 1A however, upon seeing the checkpoint, the drivers sped up to evade the police. During pursuit, the truck rounded a sharp corner, at which point the two animals were flung off the back of the vehicle. Though the smugglers escaped, authorities were able to take the two tigers, one weighing 90 kilograms and the other 70 kilograms, to the wildlife conservation centre at Pu Mat National Park, where they are being treated and cared for. The Indochinese tiger is an increasingly rare species and is believed to be near the threshold of ‘critically endangered’ status, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the non-profit organization which produces a global Red List of endangered and critically endangered species.

 Photo: Ngoc Tu