Peter Cornish checks out Charlie Ta’s new project in District 1, Square Beer Garden. Photos by Vinh Dao.

Square Beer GardenThere’s a new beer garden in District 1. Possibly the first outdoor beer garden in the city centre. A large open area, plenty of space for parking, room enough to lounge with friends, music at a level that allows conversation, and a decent selection of some of the city’s better beers on tap.

Set up by Charlie Ta of Chuck’s Burgers, part of the crew that bought decent burgers to Saigon, the Square Beer Garden is located in the new Rubik Zoo complex on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai. With a community feel to it, the beer garden hopes to offer the centre of the city a similar space for outside events as Outcast does in Thao Dien.

Beers on tap include the favourites from Platinum, Te Te, Winking Seal, Fuzzy Logic, Phat Rooster and Heart of Darkness, with Pasteur Street soon to join the selection.

Chuck’s Burgers has a booth offering tacos and pulled pork, as well as their famous burgers. PopUp food stands are regular features at the weekend, adding to the community feel of the place.

“I wanted to create a relaxed place that could support community groups, people who want to socialise together in a relaxed and convenient environment.” said Charlie. The garden is secure, enclosed, and away from traffic, making it family friendly and safe for kids to run around whilst adults kick back with a beer or two.

The location is starting to make its name as an events venue, especially among the city’s foodies groups who have hosted large, food centric shows making use of the site’s kitchen facilities. Every Wednesday sees a group of the city’s bikers turn up, for an evening of fun and an opportunity to compare each other’s rides.

As part of the larger Rubik Zoo complex, Square Beer Garden is attracting a sizable local crowd, keen to be part of this exciting new entertainment venue.

The site has over 300 stands, cafes, shops and outdoor spaces made from recovered shipping containers, offering a unique space in the city centre where people come to relax, brows the shops, grab a bite or relax with a beer.

“We’d love for people to participate and see this as a space for community and cooperation. If you have a start-up food concept, this is a minimal risk location for you to try things out. If you’d like to host an event in the city centre, the location is convenient and we have everything in place for you to work with.” Charlie explained.

With a convenient, city centre location, a broad selection of craft beers, happy hours running from 4 till 7 daily and changing monthly (buy two craft beers and get one free for the month of June) and Sapporo just 20K, we look forward to some great outside events happening at Square Beer Garden.

1 Bis Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, D1
Tel:090 666 96 23
10am to 10pm Everyday