Perched on the parapet of morality, swaying wildly with the equilibrium of public opinion towards decency is like shackling yourself to the principles of herding cats in that it’s the infinite search for free will that winds round our senses of what is correct or not, thus is our blessed instillation of democracy – blame the Greeks, they started it – democracy and todgers out! Confused? Good.

The rock’n’roller’s mindset is a meandering weave of poetic license that bares not only their soul but in some cases their all and sundry, as I shall attempt to unravel. Queen once sang about being naked and far from home, hoping someone would save them, however Freddie was far from indecent, as opposed to being theatrically charged in almost everything he did.

It was with this yardstick of immeasurable tolerance afforded to celebs that Chick Churchill from Ten Years After and I discussed over a knickerbocker glory nudity and the love-hippie-naked culture of the heaving 60s, where running amok without any clothes on lured not a promiscuous lust for exchanging bodily fluids but more the return to nature, the rebirth of love, the Garden of Eden, the return of the spirit and the coming home. It was there, in mid-order of eggs in a clay pot down at the local café, that he turned to me and said in all his buff and glory at the counter, ”That’s why, Fool, you play ‘I’m Going Home’, as my ‘Get It Off Your Chest Request’, ’cause brother, that tune will take you to wherever you wanna go, even if it’s to the shops in your birthday suit.”

”That’ll be VND 80,000 please, love,” and in the blink of an angel’s wing he slipped the waitress some skin. Chick Churchill and Ten Years After, this is for you…

From their 1968 album Undead, the iconic British blues band Ten Years After were the crème de la crème of live music. Shunning commercial exposure on radio and TV they played to sold-out crowds around the world and, shouldering the love-hippy culture of the time, bared their souls to freedom by performing a concert in Chicago in the nude – yep, knackers out – Chick Churchill said through the medium of keyboards, ”Well, everyone else seemed to be getting their kit off so we thought we would, too.“ I hope they kept their socks on, oh, it can get a bit chilly in Chicago. Nevertheless they went on to tour Blighty accompanied by Blodwyn Pig and Stone the Crows – they don’t make band names like that anymore – 40-odd years on and they are still one of the best sounds to grease your necessaries.

They’re up the end of this month in Florida on the Rock Legends Cruise, dress code: casual.