This is one of the quintessential, yet harder to find Teochew style noodle soups in Vietnam. It is a very popular dish to the Chinese community, and more so for the Teochew (pronounced in Hong Kong and America as Chiu Chow) or Nguoi Tieu in Vietnamese.

Many recognise and associate hu tieu with hu tieu Nam Vang. It is probably the most popular and widely known hu tieu also known as kuy tiev (flat rice noodles) in Cambodia. There is the flat, narrow rice noodle version, a thicker, wide version, and then there is the hu tieu ho version which is literally a sheet of noodle.

So what makes this dish a speciality and harder to find in the city? For one it is located only in the surrounding area of the Chinese community such as District 5, 6, 8 and 11. Not easily found, but they are there if you know where to go, and are willing to venture out of the comfort zones of District 1, 2 and 3. So come on in to the dark side, and perhaps you will experience something different.

Hu tieu ho is comprised of large, distinctive flat rice noodle sheets about 6 centimeter squared (can be varied in size, but definitely large and squared), pickled cabbages, with innards and lesser utilised animal parts like pig’s stomach, congealed blood, intestines, ears and tongue. It may sound bizarre and look strange, probably due to the size of the noodles, but it’s tasty. This is the sort of dish that would bring a huge smile to my friend, Chef and Bizarre Foods host, Andrew Zimmern.

Like I’ve often said, the broth is the key that defines a great, or not so good noodle dish. The secret to hu tieu ho is, believe it or not, the broth, because it’s braised together with the pickled cabbage and innards in order to achieve the rich, yet clear and tangy broth. Innards are normally sliced and cut into bite-sized pieces. The dish is topped with chopped green onions, chives, fresh chillies and you’re good to go.

Hu Tieu Do Khon Huy Dat
26 Dinh Hoa Street
Ward 13, District 8
Open: 6:30am to 11:30am

Hu Tieu Ho Go Cong
Situated at the corner of Go Cong and Gia Phu Street
Ward 13, District 5
Open: 12Noon to 5pm.